Xbox One Supports Eight People in Party Chat

By   /   Oct 24, 2013

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox One Party Chat will support up to eight players at launch. Hence, allowing that many users to communicate at once while playing a game.

“At launch, up to eight people will be able to join a Party Chat at a time on Xbox One,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Game Informer.

The confirmation comes shortly after Sony announced their new PlayStation 4 to support up to eight players in party chat as well. Sony social media manager Sid Shuman also mentioned that the PlayStation 4 users will be able to talk with other Vita users as well.

In comparison, the Xbox 360 currently also supports eight-player party chat but the PlayStation 3 does not. Interestingly Microsoft has not mentioned a maximum number of supported players for the Xbox One. It’s highly possible that for games like Battlefield 4, the company will bring in support for more than 8 people in party chat.

The Xbox One launches on November 22, 2013 while the PlayStation 4 launches on November 15, 2013.

Source Game Informer

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