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Each Titanfall Campaign Map to Feature Single Multiplayer Mode

Each of Titanfall’s campaign maps is going to feature a single multiplayer game mode; something which players might find strange because usually we see developers putting in multiple game modes for a every multiplayer map.

For example in Angel City, players will always play Attrition mode where your objective is to either cover a VIP’s escape or hunt him down; depending on which side you’re playing from.

“The campaign plays the levels with their missions in a specific order to tell the story,” prodcuer Drew McCoy told OXM. “Each campaign level has its own game mode – it’s not like you’ll play Attrition, then another time you’ll play a different mode. In the campaign, Angel City is Attrition. That’s the story for that level.”

Whether players will find this irritating or not is to be seen. The way McCoy has put it also suggests that the developers won’t be bringing in multiple modes to a single map in the future, even if fans request it to be.

Titanfall will also allow players to play without campaign objectives if they wish. “When you first start the game you will play campaign multiplayer, which takes the bits and pieces you’re used to having in single-player, like a story and characters, and big moments that contextualise what you’re doing – we’re putting that into multiplayer.”

Titanfall is scheduled for release on the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC in March next year.