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Sony Will Allow Players to Use Real Names on PlayStation Network

Back when Sony first announced the PlayStation 4, they mentioned something about allowing players to use their real names and identities for the PlayStation Network. Now they’ve re-confirmed the feature, and has even said that it will be available at launch.

Now, before you guys start getting flashbacks of the hullabaloo that started up over Blizzards very unpopular real name strategies, remember that this is a completely optional feature. If you have no wish to display your real identity, then you can choose an Alias for yourself.

Furthermore, the system is said to be quite flexible. It would be best to wait for further information but I would imagine that it would function similarly to Facebook’s privacy settings. Hopefully you can choose certain friends who can see your information, then set other friends’ privacy settings in such a way so that they can see as much, and then strangers that you get matched up with in a game can’t see anything but your alias.

It sounds like a really cool feature. Up till now, the PlayStation Network hasn’t been anything more than a storefront. You buy games, you play games. Now, however, it seems that Sony want to turn it into a bonafide social network especially tailored for gamers.

Of course, it’s probably just me, but I don’t mind playing with my real name. However, sometimes players just want a tag to be known as. It certainly wouldn’t be the same if I played under the name ‘Salman Hamid’ instead of Dormin. It’s like a secret identity or title, y’know?

Source: Kotaku