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Assassin’s Creed: Liberation HD Headed to PSN in January

The news has been in the air for a couple of months, rumors backed by rumors that ultimately led to Ubisoft’s confirmation that Assassin’s Creed: Liberation HD was actually happening. Now its time for the final date of release, rejoice PlayStation Network subscribers for you are going to get it by January 14!

According to the announcement on PlayStation Blog the previously PlayStation Vita exclusive title will be released to the PlayStation 3 users at a price of $19.99. So far the game has been given a digital release only.

The upgraded version obviously follows the same game story but for those who do not know more about it: Liberation, set in the period between 1765 and 1780, “tells the story of Aveline; a female Assassin of mixed French and African heritage. Brought up in a world of privilege and contrasts, Aveline becomes a strong-willed woman and an avid opponent of slavery.”

Playing Aveline, what you do is take up the fight against the Templars who aim at taking over the city of New Orleans. An awfully skilled and hot pirate, she drives them out of Louisiana and then fights them when they come back at the city with force.

The HD version will come with additional missions of Aveline’s Personas as lady, servant and assassin. The number of total missions will be 15 with each one of them being based on her life.

Nothing has been said so far about the Xbox version of the game but we shall keep you updated on that.