Almost 180 PS4 Games are in Development

Following the delay of one of the most promising launch title of Playstation 4 – Driveclub; it looks like Sony thought they were lagging behind Microsoft in terms of launch titles it offered to players.

A recent video released by Sony Entertainment brought some good news for anyone planning on buying a Playstation 4. According to the video in discussion, around 180 PS4 games are being developed for Sony’s upcoming console.

The players who are willing to get a Playstation 4 at launch will get their hands on the exclusive FPS Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack this coming November. As mentioned before, despite of delay of exclusive Driveclub and Watch Dogs (which has a 6-month timed DLC and 60 minutes of exclusive gameplay for Playstation 4), there are a number of games which the Playstation 4 owners can look forward to!

Check out the video above for more information on the games you can expect in future.

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