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Xbox One Let’s You Customize Achievements Display

Xbox One looks and feels new no matter where you look…and feel. Same thing applies to how the achievements system works. Not only does the “Achievement Unlocked” display have a clean, fresh, and modern look, it also functions in a different manner.

Multiple players playing the same game on the same Xbox will be able to unlock separate achievements on the go, with the record being added to their logged in profile. Not only that, each player will be able to customize the achievement display according to his/her preferences by changing its color.

This will allow for easier indication as to who has unlocked the achievement. In the Xbox 360, this was usually indicated by the highlighted area around the “X” that corresponded with the respective player’s controller.

You can spot this little addition at the 11:15 mark of this video.

Not only does this change make it easier to identify, it also feeds our desire to personalize everything according to our preferences. Sure, it’s not a feature that would give loads of profits to Microsoft, but it’s a nice little addition that makes us geeks smile wide.

Source: Kotaku