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Win Xbox One by Designing a Dead Rising 3 Weapon

IGN and Capcom Vancouver have teamed up for a cool new contest in which your creativity could land you an Xbox One console or a free copy of the game. Apparently, all you need to do is to design a cool Dead Rising 3 weapon that you’d want to see in the game and submit it.

The lucky winner with the best submission will be rewarded for his or her efforts with a brand-spanking-new Xbox One. What’s more is that there will be ten runner ups, who will receive free copies of the game.

You’re supposed to actually submit something, not just an ‘idea’, so make sure to create a prototype of the weapon, whether this is through a hand-drawn picture or a 3D model on a computer doesn’t matter. The deadline for submissions is the 10th of November and you can submit right now.

Dead Rising is one of the most anticipated of the upcoming Launch titles headed for the Xbox One. It features a vast open world that is reportedly bigger than the ones in both previous Dead Rising games combined. It’ll also allow players to craft and create combo weapons on the fly, eliminating the need for a workbench.

It will launch alongside the Xbox One on November 22.