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Terraria 2 Coming to Handhelds but it’s too hot for 3DS

The sandbox action adventure sequel of Re-Logic’s Terraria is already a confirmed title and will be aiming at getting the same applauds that its predecessor did. Though it is originally a PC and console game, it will also be released to multiple handhelds – game creator has confirmed.

Andrew Spinks also known as Redigit confirmed the news while talking to Pocket Gamer yesterday. The ambition of Redigit in his own words is to make the Terraria 2 more portable:

“I am wanting to code Terraria 2 in a more portable language so it can be released on multiple platforms at launch or close to launch,” he said. This comes along with a better and revised gameplay in comparison to the Bronze award winning Terraria. The developer will try to give a true definition of infinite worlds to players.

This is all good news but it might come with an itching strum to the Nintendo 3DS users. Spinks has said, in so many words, that the handheld console won’t be able to run the game for it is not up to the mark:

“3DS is something I was very interested in getting Terraria on but the system unfortunately cannot run Terraria the way it needs to be ran.”

If this is the case, it is nearly confirmed that we will not be seeing the game on 3DS anytime soon but yes, other handheld owners and the mobile game lovers can rejoice.

The original Terraria is bound to come out on PlayStation Vita close to but before the new year, this is along with PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS and Android platforms where the game is already available.

Nothing has been said so far about the release date for Terraria 2.