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PlayStation Party Chat Will Support Eight Players at a Time

PlayStation Party Chat is going to be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers and non-PlayStation plus account holders alike but how many of your friends will be able to join the party with you? The answer is 8.

The figure was confirmed by the Social Media Manager of PlayStation while answering to comments made on the Question & Answers post regarding Killzone Shadow Fall.

“Party Voice Chat will support up to 8 players on PS4, like PS Vita” was Sid Shuman, the Social Media Manager’s one lined reply when he was asked by a PlayStation community member that how many people will be able to join a person’s PlayStation Network/PlayStation 4 Party Chat Room.

You might have to short list some of your friends for this now, or may be take turns – convenience.

It was back in July when Sony affirmed the Party Chat feature; it was then that they boasted about allowing users to add up to 2000 friends to their PlayStation 4. Everyone who has accounts and avatars on the current generation pack will get their data carried over to the next generation console automatically too.

For those of you who have friends across platforms i.e. on PlayStation Vita as well as the main console, the party feature could create a liaison point since it will allow cross platform party chat too.

Sony’s next generation console will be unleashed to the North American market on November 15, a week prior to the rival Xbox One while Europe will get the shipment two weeks later on November 29.

Would you be contented with the maximum number of eight friends or not?