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Dark Matter on Steam Dumped for Having Poor Ending

This is to be a learning point for all the indie developers against any project that they haven’t thought through completely. Dark Matter, the survival horror based 2.5D side scroller was put up on Steam and Good Old Games recently and it did receive accolades for being interesting.

What went wrong is that even though the game’s initial chapters were not bad to say the least it didn’t have much of an ending. The outrageously dismal ending was received with disappointment, it actually leaves the game incomplete stating the good old “to be continued” at the end. As a result, Dark Matter on Steam has been taken down.

Erik Schreuder the CEO of Iceberg Interactive came up on Steam with a post to clarify what the mess was all about and purported that this is not how the game was supposed to end and has announced that “We are working to offer a more conclusive and satisfying ending to the game as we speak and expect a fix to appear as soon we are able to.”

He insisted that after the Kickstarter campaign for crowdfunding failed, they had decided to turn it into an episodic venture. New episodes were supposed to be added to the game which were to be developed using the funds received from the previous sales but obviously that plan couldn’t work out as the gamers who has paid for it were not told so.

The aforementioned could also have failed for another reason, if Gamasutra is to be believed. They reported on authority of their sources that all the developing staff at the studio was laid off after the Kickstarter campaign failed and that it is now merely a “sleeping company.”

That post has now been updated to include another report from another source of theirs which tells them that an external company will now be handling the game’s ending.

It is quite a mess out there and it feels sad to see how a potentially good project can hit shameful deadlocks if things are not managed professionally.

Have you tried out the game? Or would you if they come up with a better ending?