Capcom Shows A Piano In A Video Of Deep Down

Hey, want to see a piano? Check out this video! Nope, we’re not trolling in any way, because this is apparently what Capcom thought was a worthy 11 second clip to show off a feature in its upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive game Deep Down.

Yeah, you’ll just see a piano magically appear in a room in the first four seconds, followed by 7 extra seconds of writings and logos we really don’t care much about. So what is this seemingly meaningless video supposed to show off?

Well, it’s Capcom’s strange attempt to introduce you to the player-owned room in Deep Down. The room will be set in 2094, and you’ll be able to add furniture and all kinds of crap (hopefully not literally), customizing it to your liking.

The room itself will be handled and managed by an artificial intelligence called “Odette”, which will provide details of each kind of the décor you want to add. Yeah, that’s pretty much it for now. Oh, one more thing: Capcom also announced they’ll be releasing more information regarding the monsters of Deep Down in the coming week.

Let’s hope it’s not another 11 second video with 4 seconds of a dragon wagging its tail, followed by logos and what-not.