Batman: Arkham Origins Launch Trailers – Plenty of Action and Violence

Oh boy, isn’t it just lovely when you see some of your favorite comic book villains all together, collectively portrayed in a delightful fashion that makes you rapidly clap your hands with raised shoulders like a little girl?

That’s what the Batman Arkham series has been doing since Arkham Asylum, and it seems like Arkham Origins, which just releases after two days, is reiterating this fabulous take on the DC comic villains.

The launch trailer, titled “Personal Mission”, depicts just what Batman: Arkham Origins is about – it seems much darker (we never thought it would be possible) than Arkham City, with younger and more vibrant villains, and most importantly, an inexperienced Batman.

It seems like a wonder-filled journey that transforms the young and heavy-willed Dark Knight into the near unmatchable grim hero we all love. I just can’t wait to get my hands on Origins, which, I daresay, has a heavy burden on its shoulders to deliver a game that matches the high standards of its predecessors.

It’s a worldwide release on Friday for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.