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APB: Reloaded Will Be Upgraded To Unreal Engine 3.5

When you are up against a billion dollar franchise and you are resilient enough to continue competing, it requires bold steps to be taken. We are talking about All Points Bulletin: Reloaded and how they want to continue advocating their game as the major competitor against Grand Theft Auto 5.

Since Grand Theft Auto Online is suffering from bugs and glitches, folks at Reloaded Productions have decided to take a leap with a hope to claim back at least some of their audience that was stolen by GTA V release.

They have announced that the game will be upgraded to Unreal Engine 3.5 from 3.

Though they have agreed to the magnanimity on their official website saying “GTA V broke the record for top grossing 24 hour sales in the history of ALL entertainment, one would expect the wind to get knocked out of the rest of the game industry for some period of time,” they have also announced that they will be fighting back with the upgrade.

“Due to the vintage of the engine, we keep bumping up against performance limitations and also severe limitations in our product development speed. Because we use many custom systems in the game, it takes a very long time for our team to make material changes to the game, resulting in a lot of features being shelved or delayed,” reads the post.

They are aiming at improving minimum specifications performance, lighting system performance and net codes through the upgrade along with optimized graphic cards.

If quantified we are talking about a merger of 10,000 source code files and a total of 61,609 files that All Points Bulletin carries, 1000,000 lines of code and then adding the fixes when and wherever needed.

If we can believe the post, the upgraded APB: Reloaded will be out in the first quarter of 2014 – which is real quick!