Killzone Shadow Fall Story Trailer Unveiled

It starts off with an excruciatingly annoying female voice, but starts getting interesting as it progresses. Yes, the new trailer for Killzone Shadow Fall has strong emphasis on the story it tells, and introduces viewers to the setting of the world, and its harshness towards your people, the Vektan.

Your home-planet, shared with the offended Helghast, is converging towards becoming a live battlefield, a canvas for a war between the two factions. Which faction is at fault is a question with a different answer for every person asked, and you seem to be in the middle of it all.

The game has a substantially different setting and approach from its predecessors, utilizing its potential story, with lots more at stake, and much more that is veiled behind mystery and conspiracies.

The trailer itself gives you a taste of what Killzone Shadow Fall’s campaign has to offer, with a rich world and various characters that dictate how the story unfolds. See it for yourselves, and let us know what you feel about the “feel” of the game.