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Guild Wars 2 Halloween Celebrations Bring New Challenge

As we previously reported, Halloween festivities started in the Guild Wars 2 world from October 15, and are supposed to continue until Halloween.

A new challenge is up on its way towards Tyria. You have witnesses Blood and Madness, now behold The Tower of Nightmare!

Four different events were announced for this year’s Halloween. Blood and Madness was started on October 15 and now October 29 will see The Tower of Nightmare as the third installment in the list.

A weapon that was crafted by Krait the reptilian race, The Tower of Nightmares will engulf Guild Wars 2 and its previous storyline with its lore. This will be coupled with the challenge area where players must team up and destroy the tower as soon as they can. While they are at it they will also unveil he allies who have been lending a helping hand to krait.

“Some new trouble is growing in Kessex Hills. Carefully hidden by magic, the krait have been working tirelessly on a terror unlike anything seen before in Tyria. Marjory Delaqua and Kasmeer Meade are investigating the illusory curtain that’s cloaking part of Viathan Lake, and they need your help! What secret lies behind the veil?”

When you get the update for this challenge, you will also receive new items such as a healing spray mist that will heal you and your allies in close vicinity from any poisons.

Other than this, once you complete the Tower of Nightmares successfully you will be awarded with a meta achievement that will get you Krait Obelisk Shard for your homes.

For those of you who would wish to get a glimpse on what they will face on October 29, the official Twitch channel of Guild Wars 2 will be airing a preview at 3 pm ET on October 28. Read more here.