Fable Legends to be the First Season in the Series

Since the game was released at this year’s Gamescom not many details have been provided by Lionhead Studios. We did know it is supposed to be a four person co-operative throughout the game’s length but that was it.

Last month it was announced that Fable Legends would have a lifespan of between 5 to 10 years which made it pretty obvious that the game would have episodic content that would be released with time.

This has now been confirmed by David Eckelberry, the game director.

Echelberry was interviewed by IGN Benelux two days ago where he confirmed Fable Legends to be a long term plan and when asked to explain episodic content, he confirmed it is not just the co-op that will keep the game in focus.

The storyline is absolutely there and very important,” he said giving clear indication of DLCs that will be coming out for a long time “Of course there’s a higher purpose with a broad storyline that combines the various quests. But we tell new stories all the time. That’s the beauty of episodic content.

“We don’t want Fable Legends to stop when you finish the game. You should think about seasons and episodes. Fable Legends might just be Season One and we can add new quests and stories in the future, in the form of DLC for example” he added.

We can clearly see a shift in the strategy of the developers which is in line with the evolving nature of gaming. Not to forget the boost that this evolution might get with the next generation.

It still might be too early to categorize the project as anything big because there is still some time in the game’s actual content to come out – no actual footage of the gameplay has been shared so far.

The Xbox One exclusive beta for Fable Legends is set to release sometime next year while the full game will be released somewhere in the second half of 2014.