Check out Battlefield 4 Anthem Trailer “Only in Battlefield 4”

The shooter battle is warming up mates! Activision released the launch trailer of Call of Duty: Ghosts yesterday and it was pretty closely followed today by an equally fiery trailer by DICE for their very own first person shooter Battlefield 4.

What’s interesting is how both the AAA titles’ trailers focus a lot more on movie like scenes where things keep blowing up instead of what the core gamers would like to see. Now I am not saying that the two trailers are exactly the same because for one the Battlefield 4 trailer has lesser cuts and it has a narrator who walks in all boisterous.

The Anthem trailer shows off the destructive environment that we have loved to see in the franchise all along and it comes to a highly exhilarating ending with a huge carrier ship filled with army men.

Sadly, the missing part is gameplay, I understand it is a TV trailer but you guys are trying to attract gamers, right? What good is a game trailer that looks a lot more like a movie than a game?

Battlefield 4 will be releasing to Windows, PlaayStation 3 and Xbox One on October 29 while the next generation consoles will get it as a launch title.