Battlefield 4 Gets a Singeplayer Trailer, “No One Gets Left Behind”

So we’re all done admiring the exciting flavors of Battlefield 4 multiplayer mode that we managed to taste in the beta, and it’s just boiling down to waiting for a week and keeping those credit cards ready (if you haven’t already pre-ordered).

But it’s unfair for us to forget about the single player mode that would accompany the war-based shooter, because whether we like to admit it or not, everyone who plays the multiplayer also has a go at the campaign.

It seems that DICE is just as aware of this fact, and they’ve released a new trailer that shows off various instances of the singleplayer story, and it’s dubbed “No One Gets Left Behind”.

There’s plenty of explosions galore, as if Michael Bay appeared in the DICE offices and gave a few directions from his experiences of the Transformers. But hey, war doesn’t come without booms and blasts.

For me, the campaign’s the ultimate excuse to admire the graphics. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one blown away by the amazing visuals of the Fighter Jet mission in Battlefield 3, and I’m hoping my eyes can have a few more orgasms (or eye-gasms, as we gamers like to call it) while I shoot a dozen bots on a high difficulty.