Batman: Arkham Origins Gets 17 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

Finally, we are there. Warner Bros. Game Montreal’s most anticipated title of the year will be out this Friday. The Canadian developing studio started working on Batman: Arkham Origins in late 2011 and since then quite a handful of trailers have showcased the dark knight fighting for law in Gotham City.

Now that it is only three days to go in the release date of the game Warner Bros. have released a lengthy and pretty explanatory developer narrated gameplay trailer. Senior producer Ben Mattes and Michael Mclntyre the gameplay director take the lead on explain features of the game and Batman as the video propels through the city.

We see a younger batman as this title has been placed on the timeline before the advent of Batman: Arkham City who will be up against a total of eight antagonists. In the trailer we see Batman back at the Batcave and then gearing up against thugs.

Since the city of Gotham is splintered with unlawfulness the Gotham City Police Department comes out as corrupt and Batman is shown to be infiltrating it while attempting one of the missions in the game.

The narrators take you through the new mechanics giving attention to the impressively depicted combat system and before that to the highly important training Console where you get introduced with what you will have at hand come October 25.

Oh and while I was at it, I could not help but praise certain punch lines that came out in the narratives, here’s one: “If they do, we’ll be eating that Christmas ham sooner than you think.”

Until the game releases this Friday, munch on the video above.