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Alien: Isolation Might Feature Ellen Ripley’s Daughter

The last game in the Alien franchise was Aliens: Colonial Marines, a disaster on so many fronts.

In fact, it didn’t manage to scrape off more than 50 percent scores from most of the reviews that it got. All we can do is hope that the next game in the series doesn’t follow suit.

A trademark filing for “Alien: Isolation” was spotted yesterday and it covers computer game and video game software, downloadable mobile software, and decorative magnets as the usage of the trademark.

Now Kotaku has reported on authority of one of their sources that the game will feature the daughter of Ellen Ripley, the famed space marine from the franchise. You will recognize Ripley if you have watched the film Alien from 1979.

Her daughter Amanda Ripley will be taking on a space station where she will be up against aliens, clones and soldiers single-handedly. Other details shared by the source include the usage of melee weapons, vents and lockers.

Another thing that they have confirmed is that Alien: Isolation is indeed the game that Creative Assembly was reported to have been working on back in 2011.

Sega has reportedly been apprehended by the poor performance of Aliens: Colonial Marines which was directly attributed to lack of quality. There have previously been subdued rifts between Gearbox and Sega too.

It will be interesting to see how the new developer handles the title. Apart from being loosely based on the 1979 flick, Alien: Isolation is inspired by Dishonored and BioShock.

We shall be posting as soon as a confirmation has been received from Sega on this matter but until then happy speculating!