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Xbox One’s Adaptive AI & Game DVR are only for “Supported Games”

As much as Microsoft’s Xbox One ad is definitive and imposing, it also gives away certain loopholes. Not that it is a game changing news but the Game DVR and the sleek Adaptive AI that we talked a lot about is not going to be an everyday feature on the next generation console.

According to the footnotes that come with the Get More With Xbox One ad, their Adaptive AI support and Game DVR will only be featured for certain games that support them. The ad reads:

“Adaptive AI and Game DVR available in supported games”

Obviously meaning that it is not a feature that you should expect to come out to play in every game you purchase. Rather it will be dependent on whether the developer wants to add Adaptive AI or video recording functionality to the game.

What’s interesting is how the Adaptive AI feature has been so prominently plastered on the main ad in bold, unavoidable letters I for one might have been gulled into believing that it would come with every game that will be played on the Xbox One.

Other than this the Game DVR has previously been confirmed to restrict the video recording time to five minutes – you can read all about it here, and it has also been confirmed that in order to use the functionality users will have to have a Gold Subscription.

So it’s not free and it’s limited to 5 minutes – we are being charged for recording game videos. Although this could be because the videos are supposed to go onto the cloud and Microsoft wants to charge us for using that precious storage space.

What do you make of this?

Source: Gearnuke