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The Stanley Parable is Coming to Mac, 100K Units Sold on PC

This unusual narrative driven title was released onto PC only 3 days ago no October 17 and from the looks of it, it will go a long way.

A post on the game’s official website has confirmed that The Stanley Parable has sold more or less 100,000 copies in the few days since its release.

Surprisingly this has come as a shock to the developers themselves as the post reads that “the Stanley Parable just crossed 100k units sold! This is a lot more than we were expecting, and the shock of a successful launch may have been one of its biggest challenges.”

Davey Wrede and William Pugh, the developers think that the overwhelming response that the game has received is because of their strategy that funneled out “a lot of free and personalized content leading up to the main game,” five trailers out of whom some contained “substantial actual footage of the game,” as well as the general and customized demos that they released.

“This was never something we anticipated, but it ended up being a wonderful little corollary of launching a second game a week ahead of the first” they said.

Parallel to this, Gameinformer got in touch with the co-developer Davey Warden who told them that the game was being developed for Mac and that it will be shipped “soon.”

Of course, Warden didn’t give away any release date or release window for that matter but it has been confirmed that they are all hands in on the Mac version so it should be around the corner.

In case you are interested in the game it is available for $14.99 on Steam as a regular price though it is currently on sale and available for $11.99 if bought before October 23.