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Sorcery! Part 2 Coming out in November

Sorcery released in North America on May 22, and the second installment of the game has been confirmed through a press release. The action-adventure game that has come out as collaboration between The Workshop and SCE Santa Monica Studio will be getting its Part 2 sometime in November.

According to the press release, the next installment is supposed to “double the narrative content of the first game, new enemy types, more complex story branches, a detailed city map that shows Kharé building by building, and other gameplay enhancements. Part 2 can be played on its own or as a continuing adventure from Part 1.”

Before the Part 2 has been released the initial part of the game will receive an update as a preparatory step that will lead to the next. Once the update is released it will enable players to save their games and bring their saves onto the Part 2.

So far, Sorcery has had just a male protagonist but the update will also add an option for a female protagonist along with a 3D spell-casting system that will be replacing the current spell book.

Khare: Cityport of Traps, the Part 2 of Sorcery will increase the narrative add new enemy types and offer other improvements to the game.

In case you were interested in this cult classic gamebook series, next month is going to be big one for you.