SEGA Launches a Mysterious Teaser Site, Could be Anything

This came up only a couple of hours ago. Folks at Gematsu stumbled upon a post from a Japanese blog that reported a new teaser site from SEGA Japan that could be a well conceived teaser for an upcoming Japanese Action Simulation game.

The webpage, that I expect to have gone live less than 12 hours ago, has a huge image on the page for the Japanese character that translates into “violent” or “rage” – another Samurai & Dragons game maybe?

Looking at the title of the page, it reads “action simulation x x card battle” which is most probably giving away what genre of a game we can expect though it won’t give us enough to really decipher what it is about.

Moving on, the English rendition of the page comes with a rather shallow tagline that goes “the new story will begin.” Of course we know this is about a new story, a new game – why would they make a tagline like that?

If you open up the source code of the game, that is where you will get some real indications; the keywords read “PlayStationVita” – hurrah, Bulls eye! As well as a mysterious number 4936. What do you make of it?

Nevertheless, maybe we should wait a little longer to see what the context of this because the bottom of the page also promises a date of update. October 28 is when SEGA will be adding more information to it and since it is approximately a week from now, let us use our imaginations and speculate on what this could be about?

Any ideas?