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More Cross Platform Titles on the Way from Nintendo

It’s always a good thing when you get to buy games that work sideways on other platforms too. I mean who would say no to paying once and playing on more than one platform. Nintendo is quick on reacting on this chance as we have seen in the past too and they are working on more cross platform titles now.

The company was contacted by VG247 to ask about Pure Chess another likely cross platform title for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, they were told that it was going to be a cross play if Sony gives a go ahead and also shared more information about other titles.

“We can confirm that cross-platform functionality is possible in certain titles that play on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, as well as other video game systems not made by Nintendo. We are committed to helping developers realize the full potential of their software on Nintendo systems,” reads the official statement.

“We can confirm that Disney Infinity from Disney Interactive Studios, Cubeman 2 from Three Sprockets and Pure Chess from Ripstone, all have the ability to play on Nintendo systems while at the same time communicating with consumers using those same games on other systems. Additional games using this functionality are in development.”

Pure Chess is to be released on Wii U, 3DS, iOS and Android devices and if it gets a cross play it will be playable on Sony’s console and handheld too – now that is what I want to see when it comes to the titles above too.

Although it has not been practiced on an extensive level so far but how would you like to get games that support cross platform?