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Alien: Isolation Trademark Suggests Further Aliens Installments

After the disaster, that was Aliens: Colonial Marines and the cancellation of Aliens RPG it might have seemed like the Aliens franchise was doomed to never get a decent videogame. However, it seems that Twentieth Century Fox doesn’t think that way, if a patent registration is any indication.

The company just filed a trademark for Alien: Isolation which is for use with computer game and video game software, downloadable mobile software, and decorative magnets. You guys know what this means right? That’s right.

We’re going to be seeing some sick new Aliens fridge magnets.

Jokes aside, take this with a grain of salt, since it’s only a patent registration. It would probably be best to let the Aliens franchise ‘incubate’ for a while before they attempt another major project like Colonial Marines again.

As of now, we have zero information about Alien: Isolation, but suffice it to say it probably has something to do with Aliens. And maybe something to do with isolation. Hopefully this one might save the much-wronged Aliens Franchise.