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Zelda: A Link Between Two Worlds Slightly Changed for 2DS

Alright so Zelda: A Link Between Two Worlds producer told GameSpot something rather comical, he says that the development team behind A Link Between Two Worlds had found out about the existence of Nintendo 2DS only after they had started working on the game – wow.

In the same interview with the news resource Eiji Aonuma has also confirmed that in order to accommodate 2D gameplay in to the game certain change have been made to it.

“It’s not that you can’t play it with 2D, it’s just that it becomes clearer when you have the 3D effect on. We found out about the 2DS during development, not before, and we also made changes so that we were sure that you could still play and solve the puzzles only with 2D. It’s definitely still playable in 2D!” he assured.

The top-down perspective game runs at 60fps and is 3D enabled which according to the producer could change how people see 3DS and 3DS XL, hinting towards how some gamers found their 3D to be less striking previously.

“The 3D effect is much more stable with a higher frame rate, with the 60fps… we think we’ve created a game that even those who found it difficult previously to see the 3D effect would be able to see it better and enjoy it more with this title,” he added.

While talking about how lengthy would the game be, Aonuma said that since the game is “quite easy to play and quite easy to proceed further and further towards the end of the game” it could reach an end pretty quick if played “all the time directly in a row.” Rest assured though, there is going to be a lot of side quests.

Are you a Zelda fan? Will these changes affect how you feel about the game?