Battlefield 4 Xbox One Gameplay Video From Xbox One Tour

I know how it is when you are waiting for a game for so long and it draws near to the last month prior to its release.

Battlefield 4 is slated to release on PC, current generation consoles and next generation consoles together on November 29. I guess every news story like that calls for something from the game itself to munch on, and we found a video for that.

Coming from the Area One event in Chicago this video shows a little more than three minutes of awesome gameplay albeit being recorded off the screen.

The video shows off a sleek gameplay of three minutes at the Zavod 311 map which we have found from YouTube user TekaChris. Its quick, affluent between the guns and the grenades, the ground and the rooftops and it is fun to watch the red-shaded foes being followed by your sniper rifle.

It’s surely a definitive version of the game, but what I am wondering is what the results would be if the game is played on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One simultaneously. What is your opinion on this?