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Star Citizen Funding Reaches $23million, Goal Extended to $25million

Cloud Imperium Games’ space based trading and combat simulation project ‘Star Citizen has been in the works since October 2012. Now after a whole year of crowd funding and extensive development, we have heard a whiff of extensions in the developer’s plans and funding objectives.

It is impressive how projects that tend to take you into a different world of gaming get supported magnanimously, a letter on the game’s official website announced that they have successfully achieved the $23million milestone.

Continuing in the letter, Director Chris Roberts announced that they were extending their funding objective by another 2 million dollars. The new additional funds are to be used to add a new ship to the game which will later be used to expand the game into newer areas, the objective, according to him isn’t “simply to add an extra ship to the game.”

“Once we’ve put the effort into building an alien experience for the Khartu, we can apply it to other Xi’an ships moving forward. Essentially, the extra funding lets us build an even more immersive universe”, he said.

Once the additional money is funded it will give the project additional alpha testing net and additional servers along with worldwide infrastructure.

We will use additional funding to build a wider alpha test than we had originally intended for the first phase of Star Citizen’s launch. The initial plan was to first launch servers in North America and then expand to areas such as Europe and Australia to decrease latency in these areas, perfecting the game as we improve the experience around the world.

As for the funders, it has been announced that they will be getting a model of the Khatru in their hangar, but “it won’t be ready immediately, as we (developer) now have to concept the ship… but as always, we will be keeping you informed about that process!” reads the letter.

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