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Repeating Missions Now Reduces Reward by Half in GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online has had its hiccups since the day it came out, and it appears that despite the constant updates and efforts from Rockstar, it’s still having the fits. The repeats of online mission payouts have dropped by 50%, which is the latest news concerning the multiplayer.

The word came out from the developer itself, which admitted that this change was not made very clear in the patch notes. According to Rockstar, when a player beats a mission for the first time, he/she will be rewarded with full payment, but subsequent repetitions of the same mission will result in 50% cut in the reward.

The first time you play and beat the mission, you will get the full amount. Subsequent replays will see a payout amount reduced by half. This is to keep the game balanced as well as encourage the exploration of new missions and content in the game.

We understand players do like to enjoy a mission multiple times, so rather than remove the possibility of doing so, we’ve allowed replays of these missions at a reduced payout. Many players can get very good at a mission and beat it much faster in consecutive tries, so we’ve adjusted these payouts to match that case.

Though Rockstar itself is claiming the move is primarily aimed to add ‘balance’ to the gaming experience, it has gained a lot of negative criticism from players, with many stating that it affects the co-op play of the game.

Others have complained that since it discourages experienced users to try out missions they have already completed previously, freshmen who enter will have much fewer joins from random players.

It’s essential to understand that multiplayer is actually more about repetition and a collective, rewarding experience than it is about variety. Hopefully Rockstar can further assess this so-called ‘balance tweak’ in the next patch, and encourage players to play more of what they want rather than forcing them to find rewards in other methods.

What’s your take on this controversial change? Do you think it’s done any good to the balance of the game, or is it a poor enforcement that sets off the spirit of GTA Online? Leave a comment and let us know.