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Mesmerizing First-Person Open-World Eden Star Goes on Kickstarter

“People always talk about making the games they want to make, but we’re actually making the game that we want to play”. It’s a statement from Lead Designer John Tearle, as he explains the ambitions and drive behind their in-the-works project, Eden Star, at Flix Interactive.

This new Mirror’s Edge and perhaps Portal inspired title has all the right ingredients of a brand new open-world first person game, except for one: funding. But what happens when you have something so creative, so fascinating that can actually go on to become the game everyone would play? It’s simple: you go to Kickstarter.

Kickstarter’s been the run-in-to-the-arms platform when you know you have something good, and need a little financial support, and Eden Star, from its currently impressive standing, is certainly a deserving candidate. Don’t believe me? Have a look for yourself:

The game has a wondrous world and a strangely creative gameplay that combines the free-running of Mirror’s Edge, creative-interactive elements from Portal that will have you conjuring platforms and boxes, and an eerie atmosphere that takes adoptions from Half Life and Tron.

It’s nothing like your everyday first-person shooter (if there is even any shooting involved at all), and its techno-themed setup that takes heavy aid of physics makes it seem like something that deviates from mainstream genres.

Here’s how the gameplay mechanics of Eden Star are described on Kickstarter, verbatim:

The core gameplay of Eden Star is simple: establish a base, expand and defend it whilst exploring the surrounding environment for the remnants of the lost colony. Upgrade your armament and deploy additional Eden Kits to expand your outpost, inviting friends to join you in attacking large alien nests for greater reward.

During the daylight hours you will need to explore, excavate, build and upgrade your equipment. You will still encounter enemies in the daytime, though in smaller numbers, and some of the more deadly creatures will only venture out at night.

Upgrade and bolster defences using multiple build materials to strengthen your structures and utilise new minerals discovered during the day. When the battle is over, rebuild your structures, improve your designs, and prepare to face the next attack.

Enemy engagement is unique within the 1st-person genre, blending physics based combat with tactical execution.

Crush, smash and blast enemies around the destructible environment, combining different RMD actions, attacks and abilities in order to survive against multiple enemies and environmental hazards. The RMD Tool attached to your forearm hosts an extremely advanced AI system that learns from every combative action.

Each successfully executed move and attack boosting the Tool’s power.

Eden Star’s backers are growing as time progresses, but the whopping amount of funds they are asking for, i.e. £620,000, is a figure that makes us admirers worry whether or not we’ll see the title ever come out.

There are still 40 days to go before the fundraising comes to an end, but the Kicktstart hasn’t even made it to £11,000 pounds as of yet.

Plenty of fingers will be crossed in Flix Interactive’s offices, and maybe even more so to all the admirers that wish to see this become more than just a fabulous idea. It’s going to be November 29 that decides whether the Kickstart is successful, or whether this project is going down the toilet like your favorite dead goldfish.