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Dota 2 – New Balance Patch Brings Huge Changes to the Game

It was bound to come sooner or later after the last The International 3 in Seattle where the Swedish team Alliance took home the biggest prizepool in history of e-sports.

With the huge release of the game in South Korea, this patch brings a lot of changes that make the game more fluid as well as more spectator friendly.

Lots of mechanics in the game got changed, most notably:

  • Buybacks are now significantly weaker after the frustratingly longest competitive game in the history of Dota that lasted almost 100 minutes between iG and DK.
  • Jungling and pulling got nerfed in their exp gain, which considerably nerfed heroes that depended on them
  • Roshan spawn time becoming random, making fights for map control even more interesting
  • Comebacks are easier to make due to the huge gold amount you get for ending a killing spree

Of course, almost every hero has also suffered changes, here are a few very interesting ones:

Batrider – Previously the most feared hero on the game due to him being able to take a hero away before a fight happens. Besides his jungling, his laning also got nerfed. It also became harder for him to Lasso enemies.

Bloodseeker – Has got a really new and cool mechanic with the ability of running like Sonic the Hedgehog.

Nightstalker – Now reduces enemy heroes, creeps and wards sight with his Darkness.

Ogre – Can now multicast on Ignite and throw multiple fire casks at the enemies.

Io – The most banned hero now has the stun removed from his Tether and got a big slow instead.

Pudge and Vengeful Spirit – Can finally use Blink Dagger. To prevent players from trolling their allies and getting them trapped on cliffs, an anti-stuck mechanic has been implemented.

Rubick – He now has a really insane Aghanim Scepter upgrade, which allows him to steal an enemy spell every 5 seconds!

Full patch notes can be read in the Developer Site here.

Full 4 hour patch analysis with great insight done by the TI3 Grand Finals commentator Luminous, alongside Team Liquid’s Captain FLUFFNSTUFF can be seen here – PART 1 and PART 2

On a sidenote, Na’Vi has won Starladder Season 7, the first major LAN tournament since TI3, beating TI3 champions Alliance on a very heated best of 5 Grand Final in Kiev, Ukraine. They walk home with 12.000$.