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DayZ is in Active Development But Dean Hall Won’t Give Alpha Release Window

Was anybody missing the famous project manager behind the infamous zombie based survival horror game DayZ? Well, it had been a while since we heard from him and I guess he realized it too.

Though I did expect something new and big to come out of his first contact with the public over the internet since a long time, I am afraid it isn’t that. Dean Hall posted on Reddit a couple of days ago in a reply to a person who was asking where he has been and when to expect the DayZ alpha – emphasis being on the second.

Dean Hall aka Rocket responded by an utterly long list of misery on his part: “I’m still here, things are very busy. Things are good. But I absolutely have to focus 100% on this. That means no family, no friends, no Facebook, no twitter – no nothing.”

Ah well, that is a bit too much but hey he is working on something here:

“This is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done, because nearly everything else I’ve done nearly entirely myself. This is now a major team effort, but I hold the vision. That means I have to be about six places at once, and if I loose that focus for a moment that costs us.

There’s only one thing that matters to this big team now, and that’s do the best we can to make a good game. That’s really the only promise I can make, and the only one I should ever have made” he added.

This was the first direct news from the mind behind the game in the past six weeks and alas there was no mention of a release date or anything roughly related to the major concern of the original Reddit user who asked of him.

All we can do is ask them to come up with better news as soon as they can, especially because the last time he commented on the release date was when he said that we are so close to the alpha release that “we could push play any minute now” and that was back in June this year.