Rumor: Target Canceling PS4 Watch Dogs, DriveClub Pre-Order Bundles

The delaying of Watch Dogs and DriveClub has left a gaping hole in Sony’s launch lineup of their PlayStation 4 console. To make matters worse, retailer Target is allegedly reported to be cancelling all pre-orders of Sony’s console that came bundled with the delayed launch games.

The report comes via Reddit and Twitter where many consumers are posting about how they used to pre-order a PlayStation 4 bundle with one of the above mentioned games; only to find out now that their orders are being cancelled altogether.

An email sent by Target customer service to a Reddit user reads that the retailer will re-open PlayStation 4 console pre-orders next week on October 25, 2013. “These will be offered on a first come, first served basis,” the email reads. If Target is really cancelling all pre-orders, the least they could have done is offer the new pre-orders to the existing ones.

Target has yet to make a formal announcement regarding this but in comparison, Amazon and GameStop have said to fulfill the promise of delivering the PlayStation 4 console bundle with the delayed game(s).

Source Reddit