Knack: New Details on Story and Gameplay Revealed

A new update on the PlayStation Blog gives us some interesting details on the story and gameplay of PlayStation 4 exclusive family-friendly action title, Knack.

The game’s development is headed by veteran developer Mark Cerny and Knack was seen as a perfect way to bring “back the golden days of Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter”, two series that Cerny has worked with in the past.

Knack is a ‘secret weapon’ developed in… well secret, to help mankind against a goblin invasion. The whole story of the game revolves around the character and his journeying through various settings with companions he finds along the way; all in search for the goblin hideout. Other than that Knack is also going to be on the hunt for clues to how the goblins recently discovered advanced weapons technology.

Viktor is the antagonist of the game and is human. While Knack will pretty much dive through goblin minions in the early part of the game, at some point players will go up against human troops as well.

Regarding new gameplay details, Sony revealed that Knack has the ability to absorb relics to grow from just a three feet tin-can to a 30 feet behemoth. He can also learn to absorb ice, metal and wood, with each featuring its own advantages and disadvantages. The game will include support for a local 2-player co-op mode, details on which will be given at a later date.

All in all Sony is really happy with the game. The company promises that the numerous beautiful environments featured in the game will take players by surprise. A lot of work has been done to provide an excellent story telling and everyone is urged to check the game out when it releases alongside the PlayStation 4 in North America on November 15.

Source PlayStation Blog