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GTA V PC Profile Discovered in Latest AMD Beta Drivers

Rockstar Games really suck when it comes to announcing a title for the PC platform. Here’s another finding which hints towards the ‘possible’ PC version of the recently released Grand Theft Auto V.

User ‘kn00tcn’ on the Guru3D forums has discovered a profile in the latest Beta drivers of AMD which is basically a profile for GTA V. There’s always the chance that this is merely a placeholder for things to come or perhaps something else going on in the background. DSO Gaming rightly mentions that once there was a similar finding of Halo 3 profiles in AMD’s Catalyst drivers and we all know how that ended.

Here’s what ‘knootcn’ posted:

just hex edit the blb and go to 0×19130 and 0x19b88 locations for your own proof

application Title=”Grand Theft Auto V” File=”GTA5.exe”
use Area=”PXDynamic”>HighPerfGPUAffinity

There have been many other findings following the release of GTA V on consoles. Both Nvidia and Sony have previously let loose a few mentions of the game coming on the PC and PlayStation 4. This is despite the fact that Rockstar has blatantly said that the latest GTA installment will not be released for the next-gen consoles.

Many others believe that Rockstar is a perfectionist and won’t announce the next-gen rendition of the game until they’ve fully polished the game off.