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The Order: 1886 Co-Written by Emmy Winner Kirk Ellis

Ready At Dawn wanted something special and fresh when it came to the story for their PlayStation 4 exclusive The Order: 1866. For this purpose they specially opted to get Kirk Ellis on board as co-writer; who happens to be an Emmy award-winning writer and producer of HBI mini-series John Adams.

Speaking with Game Informer, Ready At Dawn’s co-founder Ru Weerasuriya said that they had plenty of game script writers on their list. However, the desire to bring “something completely fresh” to the game had them picking out Ellis.

“He’s not a game guy,” Weerasuriya said, “and I think everybody would’ve expected us to go with a game scriptwriter. My only request was ‘I cannot have a game person be there.’ We can bring the game side of it; I want him to bring something completely fresh, something we might miss.”

Speaking on the background story of the game, Weerasuriya said The Order: 1886’s early story was rooted in historical events, including portions set in Jerusalem during the Crusades. Assassin’s Creed eventually proved to be a large contributing factor the game, sharing certain ideas and settings with The Order: 1886. This caused Ready At Dawn to explore newer and different directions.

Weerasuriya also revealed that the game was first called Requiem but then changed to The Order: 1886 after failing to settle on something better.

“The great thing about the name is it signifies a lot of things, beyond the order of knights,” he said. “It’s the order of nature, the order of basically everything we’re looking at. it encompasses the bigger idea of the IP.”

Source Game Informer