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Fix for Pokemon X & Y Game-Breaking Bug to Release Soon

Earlier this week Pokemon X & Y players from both Europe and North America reported in a serious issue plaguing the titles. Saving the game in Lumiose City would end up corrupting the save files and hence force the players to start all over again.

Nintendo has today acknowledged the bug. Posting on their Japanese website the company said that the development team is working on a fix that will be released soon. It didn’t mention any specific timeline, only that the fix is being considered top priority and will be released as soon as possible.

In the meantime Nintendo advises all players to retreat inside buildings when they wish to save their game with Lumiose City.

Players also should hold out on their corrupted save files. According to Nintendo, the fix is being worked on to deal with the said corrupted files. So there’s a chance that the fix will be able to render the bad files workable. However, if you feel like starting all over again, be my guest.

Source: NintendoLife