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DICE Interested in Trying Something New With Mirror’s Edge 2, Battlefront

With the latest installment of Battlefield releasing at the end of the month, DICE is planning on taking a new approach towards the development of Mirror’s Edge 2 and Star Wars: Battlefront.

Producer Lars Gustavsson for one is really excited about the new projects.

“When the team unveiled the first prototype, I was really blown away. It’s just one of those games universes, after which I’m really longing back. So I really am pleased that we are now developing Mirror’s Edge 2nd,” he said.

Gustavsson also added that coming up with ideas for the Mirror’s Edge sequel ended up producing plenty of ideas for Battlefield 4 as well. Some of those have already been included for use in the next-gen first-person military shooter.

Executive producer Patrick Bach also shares Gustavsson’s view about the company’s interest in trying new ideas for the new projects.

“We are now, as we announced at E3, also building a Star Wars Battlefront game, as well as going back to the Mirror’s Edge franchise,” he told Digital Spy.

“To me, that’s an opportunity for us to try new grounds.”

When asked if this could eventually mean a chance for future Battlefield titles, Bach said that it “could change” but there won’t be unnecessary changes.

“There are examples when there have been changes that have been unnecessary, and it’s maybe not been for the good when you change stuff,” he explained. “But to me, Battlefield is supposed to be this all out war, first person shooter experience.”

“As long as we feel like we can do more in that area and create better experiences, and give the player a deeper and more fun game, then we should keep doing that.”

Battlefield 4 releases at the end of the month for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.