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Top 10 Items in Legend of Zelda

With the coming of Wind Waker HD for the Wii U, the start of October has become a Legend of Zelda season.

Legend of Zelda – Top Ten Items

Let’s commemorate the return of this modern classic by looking back at the entire Legend of Zelda series and pick out the ten best items that the games have allowed Link to equip in his countless adventures across Hyrule and beyond.

Right on the outset lets clarify that the Triforce is not part of the list as; A) It has never been available as an equitable item in any of the Legend of Zelda games and B) It can trounce any and all things and powers in the Legend of Zelda universe with its omnipotent, wish-granting powers.

So with that little detailed covered, let us move forward and have a look into the best items available to players in the wonderful world of the Legend of Zelda.

10# Hover Boots

First Appearance: Ocarina of Time

Most Memorable Appearance: Ocarina of Time

Ability: To walk on Air/Water/Quick Sand for a short time

Story Significance: Found by Link in the ominous Shadow Temple

Gameplay Use: Legend of Zelda series has never been about platforming as much as its symbolic Nintendo counterpart series; Mario. However it has always been about exploration and what limits traversal more than a location that cannot be reached with a simple jump?

This is where hover boots come in.

While the boots have a similar appearance to the 2D Zelda staple; Pegasus Boots, these boots do not grant Link the power of speed. Hover boots eliminate all traction between Link and the ground he is on, allowing him to, you guessed it, hover over ground.

Although this makes Link slightly unwieldy, equipping the boots allows Link to float atop of crevices, water and quick sand. This comes in quite handy in the maze of invisible platforms and platforms separated by large canyons known as the Shadow Temple.

What’s more, Hover boots also make Link weightless and allows him to avoid pressure sensitive traps, puzzles and sinking platforms. This also results in link being able to float to far away platforms in presence of strong wind sources.

Moreover, obtaining Hover boots also opens opportunities to explore areas that were previously unreachable during the adventure, making revisiting past locations in Hyrule more fun.

9# Bombchu

First Appearance: Ocarina of Time

Most Memorable Appearance: Phantom Hourglass

Ability: Self-propelled bombs

Story Significance: Hallmark of weapons ingenuity in Hyrule, Bombchu is often the most advanced and rarest form of explosive available for use in Link’s adventures.

Gameplay Use: Unlike normal bombs that are stationary in use and have to carried around with danger of explosion if the fuse ends when in hand, Bombchus are able to move around after they are placed till time when either they collide with something or their fuse runs out.

Used to hit far away targets, Bombchus are ideal for dealing with enemies and obstacles without getting too close to them and avoid getting caught in the fallout of the impending explosion.

While players have had limited control over the movements of these weapons, Bombchus in Phantom Hour glass broke free from their lock on/ straight line movement limitations and allowed players to freely direct their path via touchscreen and stylus. This made the Bombchu infinitely more versatile and precision based in its use than any other bomb or any incarnation of itself.

8# Mirror Shield

First Appearance: A link to the Past

Most Memorable Appearance: Oracle of Ages & Oracle of Seasons

Ability: Deflect projectiles and Reflect energy

Story Significance: Though not as Iconic as the Hylian Shield, Mirror Shield has been historically crucial in completion of dungeons in several Legend of Zelda games. It has guided Link through the times of A link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Oracle series and the Minish Cap.

Gameplay Use:  Not only is the Mirror shield strong enough to withstand fire, ice and projectile attacks like the Hylian Shield but its shinny surface can reflect light as well as energy based magical attacks.

With Mirror Shield on hand, Link can reflect light to solve puzzles to navigate dungeons as well as immobilize and defeat enemies such as Floormasters and Redeads.

What is more, Mirror Shield can also not be stolen by Pikits nor can it be eaten by LikeLikes. So Link does not have to leave empty handed when he runs into these thieving creatures.

No wonder it is that last shield to discover in all the Legend of Zelda games.

7# Zora Mask

First Appearance: Ocarina of Time

Most Memorable Appearance: Majora’s Mask

Ability: Change into a Zora

Story Significance: While the first appearance of the mask in Ocarina of Time serves no purpose other than a decorative piece of costume for Link, the return of Zora Mask in Majora’s Mask brings with it the spirit of dead Zora guitarist, Mikau of The Indigo-Go’s and is crucial to advance through the Great Bay Temple, Pirate’s Fotress and Pinnacle Rock.

Gameplay Use:  Who needs a silver scale to dive and Zora’s Tunic to breathe underwater when you can become a Zora yourself?

Wearing the Zora mask, Link can to turn into Zora guitarist named Mikau and gain the ability to do whatever a Zora can.

Not only Link able to breathe and dive underwater as a Zora, but he is able to gracefully navigate aquatic currents, fight underwater, summersault kick, block, slash and even projectile throw with his Zora fins and create a bio-electric barrier which can be used both defensively and offensively.

If that wasn’t enough, wearing Zora mask also allows Link to jam on Mikau’s totally Metal guitar which is totally made up of bones.

6# Hook Shot

First Appearance: A Link to the Past

Most Memorable Appearance: Double Claw shot in Twilight Princess

Ability: Pull things from afar or get pulled towards out of range areas

Story Significance: Often found at the end of a worthwhile quest or a dungeon, Hookshot is a fabulous treasure item which allows Link to get to un-traversable places on his quest to save Hyrule.

Gameplay Use: Traversal is always an important factor in exploration and as mentioned before, nothing hinders exploration like inability to advance because the way forward is out of reach or the platform is just too far away.

While the aforementioned Hoverboots can be of some assistance, sometimes the path is just too far away for their limited hover ability to be of much help. That is when you get a Hookshot.

With Hookshot Link can reach top of a tall tower or a platform at the far side of a cliff in a second as the mighty hookshot “hooks” onto a target and its chain pull link to his destination.

What’s more, Hookshot can also be used to get hands on items that are beyond Link’s reach. A 100 rupee on top castle wall? No problem. A heart container on the other side of a chasm? Use a Hookshot. It is that simple.

Furthermore, with the advent of Double Claw Shot in Twilight Princess, Link is able to channel his inner Spider-man to swing from obstacle to obstacle without ever stepping on the ground.

5# Boomerang

First Appearance: The Legend of Zelda

Most Memorable Appearance: Gale Boomerang in the Twilight Princess

Ability: Hit things from afar without wasting ammo

Story Significance: A staple of the Zelda series, Link can find and equip boomerang in all of his adventures starting from The Legend of Zelda to the Twilight Princess. Alas the boomerang was absent from Skyward Sword; the latest game in the series but the oldest according to story cannon.

Gameplay Use: Is there a pesky enemy that is blocking your way from afar? Low on deku seeds for your slingshot? Don’t want to use up last of your arrows? Use the Boomerang!

Boomerang is the lovely item than keeps giving without taking anything away from our hero. Link can use it to defeat enemies and solve puzzles from a far without depleting any ammunition.

What’s more; Boomerang also has cool ability to home in on a locked target, and in the case of latter games, multiple targets.

The boomerang can also be upgraded in various games but none is as powerful as the Gale Boomerang from the Twilight Princess.

Containing the spirit of Fairy of Winds, Gale Boomerang retains all the qualities of regular ones but with the added power of producing mini-tornadoes, allowing Link to hurt enemies, transport objects from one area to another, solve puzzles, and put out torches.

4# Ocarina of Time

First Appearance: Ocarina of Time

Most Memorable Appearance: Majora’s Mask

Ability: Alter Time and Space

Story Significance: A sacred instrument that has been passed down through several generations of Hyrule’s Royal Family. Ocarina of Time is crucial for opening the gates to Triforce in the Temple of Time and is central to the events in both Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask.

Gameplay Use: The item that can bend space and time through its tunes, Ocarina of Time is definitely the most amazing piece of musical instrument that land of Hyrule has to offer.

With the Ocarina of Time at hand, Link can move puzzles, change the weather, communicate across any distance, warp to places near and far, turn night to day and vice versa. And that was just in Ocarina of Time.

One would think that the game that is its namesake would have the most prolific use of the item, but that is not the case this time. Ocarina of Time was at its best in Majora’s Mask.

In Majora’s Mask link could not only change the weather, but also time travel, slow and speedup time, mend hearts, wake or set asleep folks of Termina and even create a replica of self in each of Link’s four forms.

Not just that but with Link’s transformation into a Deku, Goron and Zora, the Ocarina of Time too changed its appearance into Pipes of Awakening, Drums of Sleep and Guitar of Waves respectively.

3# Bottle

First Appearance: A Link to the Past

Most Memorable Appearance: Majora’s Mask

Ability: Store objects

Story Significance: An ordinary empty bottle that be found through certain vendors as well as by completing various tasks in Link’s journey across Hyrule.

Gameplay Use: What is better than getting a heart container? Trapping a fairy in a bottle and in essence doubling your health.

Yes, you read it right. In Legend of Zelda bottles are used to hold items but their use is so versatile that they can be helpful in almost any and every part of the game depending on what the player has stored in them.

While Link can store water, potions, fairies, poe spirits, Chu Jelly, milk, fish, bugs, Great Fairy’s Tears, and other various things in these simple glass bottles, the most interesting game play element comes into play when the player has a fairy stored in them.

At the event of player’s death, the fairy automatically gets out of the bottle and not just resurrects Link but also restores all of his health.

And the great thing about bottles is that Link can store any many fairies as the number of bottles he has at the moment. In a usual Zelda game, Link is able to get his hands on 4 of these but in Majora’s Mask Link is able to have 6 bottles. Which means being able to get resurrected 6 times.

So while these bottles may be canonically insignificant in the Legend of Zelda lore and considered mundane when compared to the other entries on this list (and even those that were omitted from it) where they lack importance in storyline, they more than make up in gameplay significance.

2# Four Sword

First Appearance: Four Swords

Most Memorable Appearance: The Minish Cap

Ability: Stab enemies and create three more copies of self

Story Significance: The Four Sword starts off as the Picori Blade, a gift given from the Minish to the Hero of Men to seal off the legion of Monsters that once plagued the land of Hyrule.

Imbued with the power and essence of the four elements; earth, air, fire and water, the sword becomes imbued with the ability that once drawn from its pedestal, the Four Sword splits the user’s body and soul into four.

Gameplay Use: Sorry Master Sword but as they say; two heads are better than one and If that is true then four have to trounce it beyond belief. With its ability to turn one Link into four, equipping the Four Sword makes it four times the power four times the reach and four times the fun to control Link.

Four sword can not only be used  for all the same actions as Master sword like slashing enemies and items, its unique ability expands the gameplay actions available to the protagonist that just cannot be matched by the series regular; Master Sword.

With the Four Sword equipped Link can engage enemies all four different places as well as tackle puzzles that just cannot be solved with the presence of one sole Link.

Moreover, the Four Sword also allows Link to fire sword beams when his health is full, but unlike Master Sword, four Links equal four sword beams. The magical properties of the sword also allow it to break curses like Vati’s barriers and Zelda’s stone form.

1# Fierce Deity’s Mask

First Appearance: Majora’s Mask

Most Memorable Appearance: Majora’s Mask

Ability: Turn into a demon god

Story Significance: At the very end of Link’s travels in Majora’s Mask, if the hero has been able to collect all the available masks, he is able to exchange them from the Children of the Moon to obtain Fierce Deity’s Mask from the child wear the Majora’s Mask so that they can ‘play’ together.

Gameplay Use: Whereas equipping other items on the list empowers Link to overcome his limitations to advance his adventures, the Fierce Deity’s mask simply transforms Link into a god-like being.

Equipping the mask turns Link into a giant warrior demon. As the Fierce Deity Link is able to wield a giant, two-handed, double-helix edged blade that is able to release deadly Sword Beam disk projectiles that can magically burn enemies and defeat bosses with couple of hits.

Not only does Link become extremely powerful but his appearance also changes into an ominous figure. While retaining his facial features, the mask transforms him into a giant that would tower over a normal adult Hylian.

As the Fierce Deity Link is clothed in a light blue tunic underneath a metal cuirass, metallic gauntlet, and black leggings and has a white head of hair, white pupil-less eyes, tribal facial markings and a booming voice.

Nothing can compare to the sense of power and complete domination brought forth with the player is able to equip the Fierce Deity’s Mask. It is no coincidence that the mask can only be obtained after completing all of the tasks at the end of the game that is considered one of the hardest in the Legend of Zelda series.

Notable mentions

Biggoron’s Sword
Available to Link in the Ocarina of Time and the Oracle series, the Biggorn’s Sword is simultaneously a symbol of the most physically dominating blade as well as a biggest troll item in whole Zelda Canon.

Found after completion of a long quest and sacrificing HUGE sum of rupees, the unbreakable Biggoron’s sword is forged and given to Link only to break after a few blows.

It is only after the sword is reforged that its true form is revealed as the longest and the most powerful sword to be wielded by Link. The Biggoron’s Sword has twice the physical attack power of the Master Sword, can be used to block attacks and has to be equipped with both hands.

Golden Gauntlets
Found near the end of Ocarina of Time, Golden Gaunlets are the epitome of the physical strength that can be afforded to Link.

With these gauntlets equipped Link can not only lift bombs and large boulders but also move and break giant stone pillars than weight several tones. Power of Golden Gaunlets is such that almost dwarfs it contemporaries like the Power Glove and the Titan Mitt.

Zelda’s version of the poplar Mario fiends known as Chain Chomps, Bow-wows can be found in several 2D Zelda games post its first appearance in A Link to the Past. Bow-wow are nigh-invincible forces of nature and when Link is able to get one on a leash, it can be used to eat any and all enemies that come Link’s way. Now THAT is a power pet.

Master Sword
Even though I have previously expressed the reasons why Four Sword replaced it I have to mention Mater Sword, if not for the immense importance it holds in the Zelda lore then just so as to ensure that legions of Zelda fans do not lynch me.

Master Sword is the most holy sword in the Zelda universe which can only be wielded by the worthy and is the only weapon that can defeat the all-powerful Ganon.

There you go; those were my picks for the best items in Legend of Zelda series. Since this is a purely subjective assessment, your list could be totally different than mine. So if there is an item that you think should have been included in the said list, you are welcome to sound off below.