Angry Birds Go Gameplay Trailer Released; Launching in December

Angry Birds Go is the latest installment in Rovio’s highly successful Angry Birds franchise. The seemingly Mario Kart clone will release on December 11, 2013, with iOS and Android launches expected on day one.

The game will feature multiple karts that can be upgraded and plenty of characters who boast their own special powers. Additionally it’s speculated that there will be multiple game modes as well, along with other features that might not be included in the free version.

Yes, Angry Birds Go is going to be free-to-play but will feature some sort of microtransaction model; details on which have yet to be given by the developer.

“The game will be built from the ground up as a free-to-play title, with a whole host of modes and features included from the get-go,” Rovio stated.

Angry Birds Go was announced in August, with Rovio’s Kalle Kaivola stating: “We’ve been playing around with a bunch of different game concepts for a while now and it turns out that some of them were more successful than others.

“First we tried endless runner games since we really love to play those. The field tests didn’t quite work out, though. This is when our friends at Red Bull helped us out with another concept and right away we all got really excited.

“Of course, there are still a few things to figure out before the game’s ready but look out for some big news soon.”

You can check out the accompanying gameplay trailer above.