Dead Rising 3 Gets a Digital Comic Book by Marvel

The upcoming survival horror was first announced at E3 2013 as an Xbox One exclusive, while I was there watching it, I couldn’t help but notice how much the game had traveled from its original comic book styled gameplay.

Yes, the game looks more interesting than before after those changes but that doesn’t mean that the franchise has said goodbye to comic books. Marvel has released a digital comic based on the upcoming zombie apocalypse based game.

By the looks of it, it will serve as a prequel to Dead Rising 3 the game itself and hell yes! that is perfectly fitting. Among all the zombie crushers out there who wouldn’t want to have a story to stick to before they go head bashing.

The six page long preview of the comic serves the purpose at least to some extent. The wholes story will give you a context of what has happened in the game before you get to it. Another thing that it will help you with is the first introduction to the characters that will be featured in the game when it released in November as an exclusive launch title for Xbox One.

”Based on the upcoming video game Dead Rising 3 by Capcom, this prequel comic details the events that brought Nick, Dick, Annie, and Rhonda together before the start of the game. • Zombies! Flamethrowers! Non-stop action!” reads the plot description of the comic.

To gear you up for it, Dead Rising 3 is set a decade into the future after Dead Rising 2 and brings in Nick Ramos as the protagonist who walks Los Perdidos to survive among the seemingly endless hoards of zombies. Oh and it comes with a ticking clock, the military is going to wipe the city clean with a strike so he has to escape before that happens too.

You can get a look at the preview here.

Dead Rising 3 will release to Xbox One on November 22.