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Project Spark Won’t Call For Xbox Live Gold

The game maker videogame that was initially introduced at this year’s E3, Project Spark is an Xbox exclusive title as far as consoles are concerned. Projects like these often mean some sort of financial model for the company and usually come necessitating the console’s subscriptions. Luckily, that is not the case with Project Spark.

People at NeoGAF have spotted something that would be worth your while. Mike Lescault, the Project Spark Community Manager was talking to fans over the community forum Reddit when he announced that “You do not need an Xbox Live Gold account to play Project Spark.”

Of course such news would have needed reconfirmations since so far there has been no game that has been developed for Xbox One and doesn’t require a Gold subscription. When inquired again whether he was referring to Xbox 360, Xbox One or PC he responded by saying that you will not need a gold subscription to play Project Spark for free on any platform.

What we knew about the game already is that it is based on the free to play model and as far as “playing” goes, the game is free. Now we know that the covert subscription fees that we pay for playing certain games on the consoles will also not have anything to do with it. The only thing involving money that is left in this game are the in-game microtransactions that haven’t been talked much about yet.

You can head to the Reddit page where the discussion was held by clicking here. Or you can go here to check out 15 minutes of awesome gameplay videos that were shared by developer Team Dakota recently.