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League of Legends “One for All” Duplicate Champions Mode Confirmed

Only recently players had found that they were able to choose the same champions as their opponents. Imagine every player on deck getting to choose the same champion – that’s certainly one way of making sure that people get credited only for their skills and not their character.

Though originally suspected by some to be bug within the game, this has now officially been confirmed as a new game mode by Riot Games. They are calling it the “One for All” game mode where duplicated champions will be allowed meaning all the players could choose to play with say Karthus, Catilyn or Master Yi.

League of Legends Game designer Richard ‘Brackhar’ Hough posted on the game’s forum as a clarification on “5v5 dupe champion custom games” saying that the craziness of duplicate champions was actually one of the many experimental game modes and wasn’t supposed to be open for playing just yet. Since it is now out in the public they have decided to go ahead with it.

Players had been able to get to the game mode by altering some of the game’s code.

Don’t get too used to it though, the post clearly mentions the words “experimental” and “cycling new modes” but for what it’s worth, it makes the game look a lot more awesome to me.

“For the past few months, there’s been a team at Riot creating original, experimental game modes for players to check out,” adds Hough. “The duplicate champion mode – we call it One For All internally – is the first mode from that effort we’ll be sharing with you in the future. Featured game modes are intended to be unique short-lived experiences that we’ll release regularly, and we’re really excited by the possibilities.”

The One for All mode will be disables sometime later this week but luckily it will return later this year:

“One For All will be making its reappearance before the new year with a bunch of new features (including matchmaking!), so you won’t have to wait too long before you see it again. In the meantime, have fun! Try out Fiddlesticks if you haven’t: five Fiddles is one of the scariest things I think I’ve ever seen. It’s just… birds all day.”

Did you try it out?