Killer Instinct ‘Pin Ultimate Edition’ Brings Real Life Collectibles

Indeed the anticipated mix of Street Fighter and Mortal Combat from Microsoft, Killer Instinct is a downloadable title but when they are developing something with a greater degree of interest and enthusiasm, add-ons happen to come along. So here goes the Pin Ultimate Edition of Killer Instinct that will give you something physical to hold on to.

A folio to collect pins along with two collectible Pins to start off things will be released on November 29. It has been promised furthermore that additional pins will be funneled out in the next year.

Microsoft and Penny Arcade have partnered for this endeavor though the game developers are Rare and Double Helix. Penny Arcade is a videogame related online strip focusing on the same genre of comics.

Talking about the pins that are to be included in the pack, Microsoft representatives have confirmed that the first two to come included with the folio will be the Killer Instinct logo and Jago pin. We have also been told that the pins of the eight characters will be relayed step by step every month until the season finale one year from now.

“Let fists, claws, blades, and batons fly in fast-paced combat as Killer Instinct returns, only on Xbox One. This limited-run edition comes in a premium case that doubles as a display for collectible Pinny Arcade pins” reads the Microsoft Store where the pack is now available for preorders at $59.99.

“Surprise pins, every month until the end of the season that can be earned through your community and in-game efforts.” Other than this we know that the additional pins will be made “available as part of future promotional activities.”

The complete list of content to ship with ht Pin Ultimate Pack will include all the Season 1 characters, season passes for all customers and accessory packs, early access to all the season 1 content and the original Killer Instinct Classic Arcade game.

Source: PlayXBLA