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Crytek’s Warface Launches on PC Later This Month

Crytek’s free-to-play first-person shooter Warface is all set for release on the PC and Xbox 360. The developer has confirmed that the PC version will launch on October 21, 2013, while the Xbox 360 version will follow at a later date in 2014.

The title will remain free-to-play on the Xbox 360 but will require players to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription in order to play; which effectively comes to around $50 a year.

Warface is powered by CryEngine 3 and is set in the future, featuring next-gen visuals, plenty of robots, mechs and other artificial intelligence and more.

The game just concluded its beta phase last month and already has a massive following in Russia and China; where the game was initially released. Warface’s free-to-play model came under heavy criticism last year with many pointing it out as a “pay to win” situation. Back then Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli defended the free-to-play model by saying:

We know that free-to-play games have a bad image. They have a bad reputation; ‘it’s pay to win, it’s low quality.’ I completely get that, but we are making free-to-play that’s high quality. It’s CryEngine 3; it’s a big investment.

A PlayStation 3 version is possible but has not been discussed by Crytek so far.