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Battlefield 4 Features 12GB of Optional Installs on Xbox 360

A new update to EA’s support page for Battlefield 4 reveals that the game’s Xbox 360 version is going to feature 12.4 GB of optional content installs.

According to the help file, the game will come in two separate discs: one for multiplayer and the other for single player. Booting up either disc will have you performing a mandatory 2 GB installation; after which the game will ask if you’re interested in installing optional content.

The multiplayer disc includes 6.6 GB of additional content, while the single player one has an additional 5.8 GB of optional data. EA recommends that it’s wise to install all the additional data to have “the best experience possible”.

The large number of optional installs aren’t really surprising. Battlefield 3 came with similar recommended optional installs as well. In fact the PlayStation 3 version forced a complete installtion, while the Xbox 360 version still gave players the option to choose. The optional install was actually a very necessary part on the game. It’s “HD Texture Pack” made a huge difference to the game’s visual. Executive producer Patrick Bach called it as playing the game on high-definition and standard-definition.

The help page doesn’t mention if the PlayStation 3 version will force install the additional content or not. On the safe side, players on both consoles should start freeing up space.

Battlefield 4 releases at the end of the month for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Next-gen versions will release later in the year.