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Athlete Lineup Revealed for NBA Live 14

Been looking to dribble the ball in the hands of somebody like Kyrie Irving or Damian Lillard? Well, videogaming is what makes your wishful thinking come true.

NBA Live 14 is to be released on the next generation consoles of Microsoft and Sony on November 19 and looks like it was about time that Electronic Arts revealed their roster of athletes.

According to the announcement what you are going to get is: Kyrie Irving of Cleveland Cavaliers (the cover athlete), Damian Lillard of Portland Trail Blazers, Kemba Walker form Charlotte Bobcats, Ricky Rubio who plays for Minnesota Timberwolves, John Wall of Washington Wizards and Orlando Magic’s Victor Oladipo.

Sean O’Brien the executive producer of NBA LIVE at EA says that they have “relied on them(the athletes) for input and feedback, mocap sessions where we’re able to capture their unique signature moves, head scans and more, and their work helped us(EA) push the game farther than we ever could have without them.”

In Sean O’Brien’s words, “There’s no better way to make a sports game look and feel authentic than by tapping into the actual professional athletes you’re bringing to life on the screen” I guess they got that right.

The announcement post boasts of implementing principles that would let the developer and the player start afresh on the game so that firm foundations could be built for the franchsie. It also talks about how the bounceTek dribble system would let us receive an authentic and close to reality response from the game.

EA has been talking about keeping the roster updated as the NBA season progresses so they are insisting us to count on that for to the extent that updates to the roster would be made “every single day.”

Who’s looking out for November 19? I am for one.