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The Walking Dead Season 2 Teased By Telltale

The hugely popular episodic zombie based graphic adventure ended on an impressive note last year. Since then we have received the complete retail version of the game and quite a handful of anticipation about the season 2. Yesterday, Telltale Games teased a little more about the same.

A tweet from Telltale yesterday hinted towards major news regarding The Walking Dead Season 2 and the community sheriff Big Bad Wolf in the ongoing graphic adventure of the same sorts, Wolf Among Us. October is going to be interesting!

We had learnt about the Season 2 back in July when VP of Marketing Steve Allison said that the five episodes will be followed by a retail version of the game and that “this will not be the last The Walking Dead game series that we do.”

If you ask me, the last half of this month just got even more exciting and this comes succeeding the announcement by Telltale that confirmed the game’s porting to Android based console Ouya.

In parallel news, the Game of the Year Edition of Walking Dead Season 1 will include the additional episode named “400 Days.” While the GOTY Edition has been rated by ESRB, citing:

“As players progress through the story, they are presented with dialogue and action choices. These selections can sometimes lead to the death of characters and depictions of intense violence: a woman shooting herself in the head; characters shooting limbs off; a man cutting off his own arm; zombies attacking and disemboweling victims.

In some sequences, players use realistic firearms to kill zombies and other human survivors. Large blood-splatter effects occur in battle and often stain the ground. The game contains some sexual material in the dialogue.”

Well, the rating was evident wasn’t it – but that doesn’t mean it is anything less than addictive!

Thanks, Polygon.