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Marc Merrill’s Twitter Hacked – League of Legends: Supremacy Revealed

Riot Games co-founder and President, Marc Merrill had his Twitter account hacked a few hours ago.

During the time the account was under the possession of the hacker; who called himself “Jason”, made a bunch of tweets regarding an unannounced League of Legends game called Supremacy.

The tweets contained materials from the game, such as screenshots from the game’s login screen and links to imgur galleries that contained icons and templates. The hacker also tweeted that Supremacy was a standalone game, and he had the server and client source in his possession. He then went on to say that the game was in fact complete, and “Riot doesn’t want you to play this game”.

Supremacy was first registered as a trademark by Riot last year. It was speculated to be a new mode for League of Legends, but this new evidence seems to suggest otherwise.

Judging from what we’ve seen, League of Legends: Supremacy is apparently a card game based on the League of Legends universe. One of the imgur galleries seems like a set of templates for various cards. Moreover, in the image of the game’s login screen, you can find a tab for ‘Decks’ at the top right, next to ‘Profile’ and ‘Campaign’.

Marc “Tryndamere” Merill has since retaken control of his account, confirmed the fact that his Twitter handle had indeed been hacked and removed the tweets the hacker had made. He responded to the material the hacker had posted regarding ‘League of Legends: Supremacy’ with the following statement in a tweet:

“We’re always working on a variety of new ideas for League & beyond. Lots of experimentation that may never see the light of day.”

Thankfully, the guys over at Kotaku were able to grab most of the stuff before Riot was able to have it all removed. The imgur album containing the game’s icon has been taken down, but the album with the templates for different cards is still up. You might want to see them quickly before they’re taken down as well.

Source: Kotaku